Sunday, August 1, 2010

CKSCAA Fun Run: Running with My Schoolmates

July 25. Originally I had set that day to join Runfest and run in the 10K race category, so I had already registered, and even received my singlet for it. I was really excited to join the race because I, a newbie in the running world, would be running midst the elite runners on the Runfest. But it was sometime after I had already registered for the race that I was to know my alma mater since nursery to high school, Chiang Kai Shek College, would be having a Fun Run on that same day too. I was really torn between the two races. As much as I wanted to join both, but since I am not omnipresent, could only exist at one place at a given time, I should just choose one race to join. So I decided to just join the Runfest, since I had already registered (and paid) for the race. But two weeks before the race, my dad told me that he had already registered for me on the CKSC Alumni Association Fun Run and he wants me to join in that event. I could not say no, because he did not interfere with my previous runs, and I would not want him to be unhappy with me for a whole year because of it.


Due to recent change of work schedule and dealing with some other things, I was not able to train properly again. So on the final week before the day of the Fun Run, I tried to force myself to train really hard even though I had been seriously experiencing lack of sleep for several weeks already. The fun run was on the Sunday, so the last training I was supposed to have was the Friday before the fun run. So I dragged myself to the gym for my last leg of training, and sad to say, I had overdone it. It was supposed to be a 5K tapering run on the treadmill, but I had forgotten that precaution, I just felt I was stressed out, so I tried to take off my stress by running with all my might, and when it ended, it was already too late when I realized what I had done, I had run 11K with combination of inclination and speed training and I was dog tired. The best way for me to remedy it should be to have complete rest the next day. But July 24th was the date wherein I was set to join the Worldwide Photowalk led by Photowalk leader Tilak Hettige. It was something I definitely would not want to give up for the sake of the run. So I went and join the Photowalk, and as expected, I did not feel well after walking under the sun for several hours, and tried to sleep it off and hoping my body would get better the next day.

July 25

The day of the fun run had finally arrived. I woke up at 0330 and together with my sister, hitched on friend Leo N’s car in going to the venue. Upon arriving at the venue, which was in SM Mall of Asia, I had some GIT problems then due to nervousness, good thing the police station there was kind enough to let me refresh myself in their rest room. After that, I wandered around the place a little bit, then prepare myself by stretching a little before the run. Upon going to the Start Line, I then saw that there were runners which I had seen from other races I had joined were there too. I was happy at the same time being sad, because I somehow felt I would not be able to have a podiu
m finish again...

I started with slow jogs at gun start. But I was breathing really hard, seriously gasping for air, I knew then and there that it would be one hard race for me to finish, and that was mainly due my being burned out from over training 2 days ago, and my body condition was not at its best also. But with determination and with much effort, I pushed myself till the Finish
Line. Along the way, I got lost a few times, for I really had no sense of direction, and the throngs of people being in front of me that were just walking or from other race categories confuses me all the more. I kept on looking for the bibs with the same color as mine or asking the marshals for direction to keep myself on track. Upon reaching the Finish Line, they asked me to write down my name on the fifth place area and I knew then that I was not able to reach the podium finish again. I was 5th place among women, and the winners
with prizes were just up to 3rd place. My finish time was at 54min 37sec. It was almost the same as that of my time at Greenfield City Sunset Run of 53min 49sec, or that of my Mizuno Infinity Run of 54min 28sec, which meant I had recovered my pacing almost as that of before (for I had taken a long rest due to toenail injury and knee sprain afterward) but is still quite slow...for this was my worst PR to date for my 10K runs.

The event was really fun, I saw many of my schoolmates and friends, but because I had work by 800am, I could not stay long but had to rush to work immediately after the run. Next time if CKSCAA would organize a run again, I would really request for the day to be set as my rest day so I could really enjoy it.

Thanks Sir Evans and Pat Dy for the photos. ^o^

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